Hail Damage Roof Repair: What You Need to Know About It

By December 10, 2020 Blog

hail damage roof repairAurora often experiences hail storms every now and then. The recent hail storm according to Interactive Hail Maps, occurred last June 26, 2020, at 3:27 PM MDT. All Starr Roofing Company played a major role in hail damage roof repair services at Aurora Colorado.

Among all the Denver roofing companies flooding into Aurora- All Starr Roofing stands above the rest. We have been doing this business for about 12 years already and has been consistently offering the best hail damage roof repair services. Ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients in Aurora and nearby metropolitan areas.

All Starr Roofing handles hail damage roof repair or replacement throughout each step of the insurance claim process. We ensure you that we’ll inspect the damage, provide an estimate based on the damage, work with your insurance company, and complete your roofing job on time, and on budget.

The Extent of Hail Storm Damage

Midwesterners know all too well that when the weather changes during the spring and summer months, unpredictable storms pop up everywhere, and oftentimes, they produce hail. When hail hits the roof or covering of your home, vehicles, and other personal property- it often leaves you noticeable damages – this depends upon the severity of the hailstorm that occurred. As property owners, it’s important to understand the main factors that affect the type and degree of damage caused by a hailstorm:

  • Wind-Wind speed and direction can vary during a hailstorm. Changes in wind conditions can also greatly affect the location and severity of hail impacts.
  • Size and density – The size of the hailstones can affect the degree of damage to your home and to any of your properties. A hailstone can be as small as a pea, or as large as a softball. Most hailstones do not have smooth edges, which is very dangerous and can impact the type of damage they cause.
  • Building materials – The way that different types of building materials absorb hail impacts varies. For example, hail can cause dings in aluminum siding, gutters, or asphalt shingles, whereas it can crack vinyl siding or wood shakes. On the other hand, softball-sized hailstones can be dense enough and strong enough to puncture a roof.
  • Age and condition of a roof – Roofs that are old in age and have lots of missing/weathered shingles are more likely to see damage from hail, accompanied by leaks when hit hard enough. And just like any type of property, things with old ages can easily be broken.
  • Barriers – It is a good thing if you have natural barriers, like tree cover, landscaping, fences, or adjacent homes. This together with the position of neighboring structures can reduce the ability of hail to cause damage.

Thinking of Hiring Unlicensed Hail Damage Roof Repair Specialist


Every time a hailstorm passes your neighborhood, your property will need to be inspected professionally for damage. Yes, you read it right – PROFESSIONALLY INSPECTED. Due to the urgency of getting things done ASAP, you might now be considering an unlicensed hail damage roof specialist to take charge of your roof– triggered because you see your neighborhood is already filled with roofing contractors. But is it really worth it? So before you permit unlicensed roofers to take over your damaged roof caused by a massive hail attack, give yourself a break and reconsider having a professional roofer.

These unlicensed roofers might give you the idea of “A penny saved is a penny earned” type of scam. But that doesn’t apply to all! They might give you a cheaper option upfront but it is your hard-earned money, your house, and your household that is at stake here.

Working With Unprofessional Roofers Is A Gamble


  • Legal Issues

If the authorities find out that you knowingly hired an unlicensed hail damage roof repair company, you can face fines up to $5,000.  According to Free Advice, every state requires a written contract for improvements typically exceeding five hundred dollars, and it must be dated and signed by the homeowner and the contractor. In addition, many state statutes require the contractor’s license number be on the contract with a reference that any consumer complaint is directed to the state contractor’s licensing board. This is the case for many states. Also, you may not be allowed to sue the repairman for any damages caused by their workmanship. The only thing you’d be able to do is to file a civil lawsuit that could drag on for years and you might never get your money back. That being said, you are responsible for allowing these things to happen and it is a great loss for you. As long as your roofer is licensed, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to recover any monetary losses caused by a poor hail damage roof repair job.

  • Lack of Expertise

Let’s get real and straight to the point. If a roofer doesn’t have the necessary license, there’s a high risk that in the first place, they haven’t learned the necessary skills to do hail damage roof repair job. Poor workmanship on your roof can create bigger problems than missing shingles.

Say, for instance, the worker may have deliberately overlooked leaks to get the job done as soon as possible. This means you will be forced to spend on another hail damage roof repair specialist after hail storms in the near future. If you’re going to spend on roof repairs over and over again with an unlicensed roofer, why not just settle for a licensed professional all at once- that will assure you of quality work.

An unlicensed roofer simply doesn’t have the same incentive to do a quality job since it’s more convenient for them to get away with providing poor work and minimal service. Why? Because just like what is stated above, you have limited legal options against them. That is just how they get away with it.

  • Voided Manufacturer Warranties

The majority of the roofing parts manufacturer offers great warranty services. However, all of the warranty services requires the roofing contractor to follow proper procedure in order for you to enjoy the services offered by the manufacturer. If you decided to hire an unlicensed roofer, the manufacturer will have grounds to refuse to cover the costs of any replacements your request.

Imagine there’s another hail storm coming in your neighborhood do you think it would be beneficial to hire an unlicensed roofer? Of course not.

  • Lack of Insurance

All unlicensed repair workers, unfortunately, don’t have insurances because insurance companies generally ask for a license first. And since the compensation and liability insurance of the workers is expensive, most unlicensed contractors don’t carry it. So, if the roofer has an accident on your property, you’ll likely be held responsible for paying for their medical bills. Also, if the unlicensed roofing technician damages your roof and refuses to repair it, you’ll have to pay for those damages out of your own pocket. That’s gonna give you a severe headache for sure.

Before the damage gets even worse, you have to do preventive measures. You don’t need to take the hassle on your own, because our company is only one call away for help. We can assist you with the professional services you needed to get your roofing project done. We want to be your roofing company of choice.

All Starr Roofing Gets Good Reviews In Hail Damage Roof Repair

All Starr Roofing offers expert services in residential roofing, hail damage roof repair services, roof insurance claims, and exterior renovations. We guarantee high-quality construction and superior customer service during every stage of the process and we can prove it. Let the customers speak on our behalf!

“After a large hail storm in our neighborhood, there were a lot of out-of-state companies knocking on doors trying to take advantage. Instead, we went local with All Starr Roofing. Jason Starr was always responsive and addressed any questions and concerns. Our roof was the first one done when many of our neighbors went with the “door-knockers.’” —Brent Derron, Aurora

“Our home was severely damaged in a hailstorm, in Castle Rock, CO. Jason Starr and his excellent work crews were on top of all aspects of the $30,000 repair. They did caulking, flashing replacement, stucco repair, painting, new roof, with stacks, and electric attic fan. I would recommend All Starr Roofing for all your home repairs.” – Kirk Roegner, Aurora CO

“I am a real estate agent and I have referred All Starr Roofing to a large number of residents. I’ve known Jason and his wife for 15 years. They are honest and good people. I really respect the way they do business!” – Elbert Jones, Aurora CO

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