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Roof Repair or Replacement?

By June 27, 2018December 5th, 2021Blogs

21994489 1687201591313388 256914800452826535 oAfter the hail storm on June 18, you might have stepped outside and taken a look at your roof. You might have seen missing shingles, or large divots in your shingles, or you might not have seen much at all. But don’t let what you can’t see make you think there isn’t any damage. After such a significant storm, you should always contact a licensed Aurora roofing contractor such as All Starr Roofing for a thorough roof inspection. All Starr Roofing, is licensed in Colorado and owner Jason Starr has been doing business in the Denver metro area for more than 15 years. Jason and his team know what to look for after a storm.

Hidden Hail Damage—You Need an Aurora Roofing Contractor

Depending where you live, the storm might have caused minor damage to your roof. But minor damage should be fixed. A damaged roof—even if it’s minor—can cause water damage, mold and can lead to even bigger problems down the road. Don’t ignore a missing shingle or two, and let the professionals at All Starr Roofing perform a roof inspection to determine how much repair is needed. Insurance companies often have a one year limit on claims, so don’t delay in getting your roof inspected and your claim started.

If your home was in the path of the storm that had the most hail, chances are you already know your roof will need to be replaced. We want to be your Aurora roofing contractor of choice in the replacement of your roof. Whether your damage was caused from the baseball sized hail, or broken tree limbs and high winds, your roof may need to be completely replaced. All Starr Roofing has a team of professionals who can inspect your roof, work with your insurance company and complete quality work in a timely manner.

If you’re looking for an Aurora roofing contractor, we’d love to talk to you and show you why when it comes to residential roofing, All Starr is a name you can trust.

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