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Should I Repair Or Replace My Roof?

By November 28, 2021March 28th, 2022Blogs

“Should I repair or replace my roof, which is better?” That is a common question you will hear from homeowners. The response is critical, especially if you live in hail-prone areas like Denver or Aurora, Colorado. However, the decision depends on the extent and severity of the damage to your roof. And the most crucial consideration is the amount of money you’re willing to invest.

In this blog, you’ll find valuable roofing information that will help you make an informed decision about your roof’s condition.

grey shingle roofing with complex layers on a residential home in aurora, coloradoHow long should a roof last in Colorado?

The lifespan of a roof varies by material. Asphalt shingles, for example, can last 15-30 years with regular maintenance, while metal roofs can last up to 70 years.

However, even the most meticulously crafted roofs require replacement. Poor maintenance, weather, and materials used can all reduce a roof’s overall life expectancy.

How often should you replace your roof in Colorado?

Roof durability is affected by a wide range of factors. Given its average lifespan (as stated above), you don’t need to replace your roof very often. Specifically, if professional roofers perform the work as they guarantee their craft. Other factors such as extreme temperatures, weather conditions, and maintenance can affect these projections. What would be ideal is to schedule a roof inspection at least once a year as part of your home care protection plan. Regular and proper maintenance can help to extend the life of your roof.

When is the best time to replace your roof?

The fall season is the best time to replace a residential roof. The weather is ideal for the roofing crew to work long hours. As a result, the quality of work is much better because it allows them to install the roofing materials properly.

Additionally, shingles require time to seal and create an airtight barrier that can withstand harsh weather. Installing them during the fall will form that barrier before winter arrives.

However, you do not have to wait until the fall to do this. The sooner you start, the better. As the climate changes, seemingly minor issues such as leaks and small holes can amplify and cause more damage.

Furthermore, roofing contractors are in high demand during the autumn season. You should contact them at least a few months in advance to get a quote and set up an appointment on your preferred schedule.

How much does it cost to replace a roof in Colorado?

Replacing a roof takes time and effort. It necessitates meticulous planning and coordination. Aside from materials, your roof replacement project’s time, scope, and labor will all impact the overall cost. All of this will depend on the size of the roof and the project scope.

A roof evaluation is necessary to determine the appropriate course of action and associated costs.

Can a roof be patched rather than replaced?

It is entirely dependent on the roof’s condition. If the damage is minor and you’re on a tight budget, you may be able to make temporary roof repairs.

However, you can feel at ease and secure knowing that you’ll have a brand new roof that will last for years.

poor shingles repair roofing job

Roof Repair and Replacement Indicators

While some repairs are doable on your own, it would be best to consult a professional to ensure the safety of your roof. The following are some sample repair projects.

  • Leaks near the pipe boot or chimney
  • Shingles are missing.
  • Popped nails
  • Fascia Replacement
  • Holes and Punctures
  • Cracking and Blistering
  • Tree Devastation
  • Weather-related Damage
  • Granule Depletion
  • Shrinkage or Splitting
  • Inadequate Maintenance
  • Ventilation Issues

Again, determining what steps to take requires an assessment of the roof’s condition. Appearances can be deceiving. Your roof may appear to be in good condition from the outside, but the real problem is on the inside. In some cases, pest infestations rather than stormy inclement weather are to blame. Only a thorough inspection will reveal the actual issue.

On the other hand, the following are some tell-tale signs that your roof is in desperate need of replacement.

• Holes or tears in the shingles

• Curling or buckling of the shingles

• Curling or buckling of the roof decking

• Blisters on the underlayment

• Missing shingles

• Missing roof vents

If you’re not sure what to do, speak with a reputable roofing professional who can give you an objective analysis of your roof’s condition.

Is it worthwhile to spend money on roof repairs?

Yes, if the repair addressed the problem. However, if the fix does not last and causes additional problems, it is not worth it. Repairs should save you money while also extending the life of your roof, not the other way around. While it may appear prudent to do some repairs yourself, you run the risk of injuring yourself or missing signs of a more severe problem. Additionally, It may also result in uneven surfaces, which may cause additional problems and reduce the aesthetic value of your property. Overall, a roofer can provide a more accurate assessment and solution, which is ultimately more cost-effective.

Furthermore, the type of roofing material you choose at the outset will significantly impact repair costs. The price of roofing materials varies depending on the type of roof, as some require more construction materials than others.

Roof Repair: Tear off versus Overlay

It would be beneficial to consider this when deciding whether to lay new shingles on top of existing ones or remove and replace them.

Taking off your old shingles breathes new life into your roof. Installing new shingles not only extends the life of your roof but also allows contractors to detect any potential damage to the roof deck. You’ll also be able to customize every aspect of the roofing system, so you’ll be familiar with every layer of your roof.

Overlays are great if you don’t plan on replacing your roof for at least ten years. They can also save you money since there is no massive removal of shingles, which means less intensive labor. As a result, installing a new layer of shingles is simpler and cheaper than a complete replacement.

Roof shingles are typically sold by the square, which means you’ll be charged for the entire square area, even if the repair area is smaller. A roofing square, by the way, is a 10×10 area of 100 square feet of roof surface. You can, however, save any leftover materials for future repairs.

Finally, if you do the roofing repair yourself, your insurance policy is unlikely to cover the cost.

Is a new roof worth the money?

While a complete roof replacement is more expensive, it provides a sense of security. Knowing that what you value most under your roof is protected from harmful elements gives you peace of mind, too.

Take a look at the following reasons why a new roof is a good investment.

Property Valuation Increase

The age of a roof can significantly impact a home’s resale value. Nobody wants to move in only to discover that the roof is defective or leaking. Newer roofs typically have fewer problems, providing the buyer with comfort and security. Thus, a roof replacement is the best option if you plan to sell your home.

More Energy Efficient

While a new roof is an investment, it can also be an excellent opportunity to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system. That would help to reduce monthly utility costs. You can also invest in more robust materials to make your home more weather resistant.


Roofs in Aurora and Denver may require extensive repairs in some cases before the home can be livable again. Consequently, it will take longer and cost more money than purchasing a brand new roof. On the other hand, contractors can install a new roof in one day, allowing homeowners to quickly and easily restore their homes.

Key Takeaway

Overall, a comprehensive assessment is necessary to ascertain the answers to that age-old query. Second, while considering your budget, you should also consider your insurance policy coverage. If you take these things for granted, you may be doing your roof and yourself a disservice.

Good roofing advice is just as important as the roof repair itself. When you hire a professional to repair your roof, you also get the opportunity to “pick his roofer’s brain” to get answers to all of your roof-related questions. Additionally, the roofer may give you a heads-up on any other issues or problems that may arise in the future.

roof-checkRoofing Contractor Pre-Hiring Checklist

If you’re still on the fence, here are a few additional steps you can take to boost your decision-making confidence.

1. Do More Research

Do your homework before calling a contractor to inspect your roof. Educate yourself, so you’ll understand what the roofer or salesperson is explaining and ask the appropriate questions. This way, you won’t get taken advantage of and end up having to replace your roof when it still has plenty of life in it. Examine each company’s reviews and pick one that meets your specific needs and answers your questions.

2. Get multiple quotes

Don’t limit yourself to just one. Get at least two more companies to look at your property. Getting multiple opinions will help you better understand the condition and needs of your roof.

If they give you conflicting information, choose a company with a proven track record of expertise, honesty, and customer service to ensure you get your money’s worth.

3. Request a written financial agreement and project details.

It is critical to comprehend and document your roofing project’s financial terms and project details. Before you begin the roofing project, you should request a contract that specifies who is responsible for what. The written agreement/contract should include warranties, project duration, materials to be used, specific equipment and tools, safety standards, agreed-upon cost, due dates, and other vital details.

4. Choose a reputable local roofing company.

Selecting a reputable local roofing contractor is critical. It’s necessary to verify that your contractor has the proper licenses and insurance. Ask around and get to know your chosen company before committing to their services. After all, they’ll be working on a vital component of your home.

Furthermore, look for a contractor with experience, a proven track record, reasonable rates, and exceptional customer service.

Are you ready for a roof repair or replacement?

The fact of the matter is that you won’t know what your roof requires until you have it examined. That is why you must obtain an unbiased inspection from a reputable roofing contractor.

Although there is no specific formula for roof inspection and services, the roofing contractor must have the necessary training and skills in dealing with various roof styles. A skilled roofing contractor can handle any roof condition, regardless of its surface or type.

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Furthermore, All Starr Roofing takes pride in demonstrating its appreciation for Colorado homeowners by providing accurate and reasonable estimates. And we will continue to strive to provide the best roofing services available, not just in Aurora and Denver but throughout Colorado.


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