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How to Process Hail Damage Insurance Claim in Aurora, Colorado

By August 12, 2021March 27th, 2022Blogs

Living in Aurora, Colorado, can be a challenge because it is one of the States most affected by hail storms. Just recently, it has had 66 reports of on-the-ground hail and is under severe weather warnings.

If you live in this area, you are prone to hail storms and extreme weather. When a hail storm hits your home and causes damage, the first thing that comes to mind is repair or replacement.

Some of the top concerns would be the cost, insurance coverage, the process to undergo, and many others. Going through this ordeal can be difficult, but it can be easier if you have an insurance policy.

An insurance policy can come in really handy when dealing with damages. It can help you cover the cost of repairs caused by hail. But can you get a hail damage insurance claim from your provider?

hail damage insurance claimYour Home Insurance Coverage

Home Insurance or Homeowner’s Insurance is a standard policy that ensures your home’s structure and your property. The primary goal of buying a homeowner’s insurance is to provide financial protection in the event of a loss or damages to your home.

Generally, insurance comes in a package of policies. It covers damages to your property, legal responsibility, liabilities, and temporary living expenses.

Everything should be clearly stated and defined in the policy package. You should be able to find it easily on the declaration page of your policy.

Also, you need to know the exclusions and the conditions of your policy.

Many homeowners’ insurance covers protection on several types of damages. Among them is the home structure.

Insurance covers repairs and damages to your home structure caused by natural disasters or “acts of God.” Examples of these damages are fire, hail, lightning, and hurricane, among others.

Damages caused by floods and earthquakes are exceptions. However, you can buy a separate insurance policy for the said damages, especially if you live in an area prone to these disasters.

Roof Repair Claims on Insurance

Exterior and interior damages are included in the compensation when it is deemed for repair or complete restoration. It can be harder to get hail damage insurance claims for roof repair since various factors can cause roof damage.

Although insurance policies cover hail damage, there are facts that you need to establish to ensure that the damage is covered. Some specific details that you need to prove are the age of your roof, the roofing materials, the shape of the house, and the property’s location.

Specific scenarios and incidents also need to be proven before the insurance provider starts restoring your property. You need to confirm that the damage was caused by natural incidents like lightning strikes, storms, falling trees, hail, and other unavoidable accidents.

Claiming that a specific incident caused damage to your roof can be hard to prove. To ensure that the claim is valid, the company must establish that a pre-existing condition did not cause the damage.

How to Process the Claims

hail damage insurance 2When you need to file a hail damage insurance claim, always remember to follow these processes to ensure a smooth filing procedure:

  • Document the damage – At the onset of the damage and after the storm calms down, you need to inspect the house, particularly the roof, where you intend to claim insurance for the damage. It is a good idea to document the damage by taking as many pictures as you can. It is advised not to do any temporary repairs on the roof before taking the photos.
  • Call your Insurance Provider – Immediately call the insurance company. Orient them about the extent and cause of damage, and describe the scenario that occurred. This will give them a clear picture of the entire incident.
  • Submit Necessary Documents – To start the claims, the insurance provider will ask you to provide documentation to support the claims. Make sure to comply and submit them as soon as possible.
  • Keep Receipts for Incurred expenses – You will be allowed to do temporary repairs as necessary to prevent further damage while waiting for claims processing. It is best to keep all the incurred expenses into account and keep all the receipts for proof. If your roof is beyond habitable condition, your insurance will reimburse the costs for the needed transient lodging that you may incur.
  • Actual Site Inspection – An insurance adjuster or claims adjuster will visit your place to inspect and validate your claims. The adjuster will determine how much the company will pay for the hail damage insurance claim.
  • Rights to Appeal – When claims don’t go as expected, you can challenge the insurance provider’s decision. You can get help from a public adjuster to assess the damage. Make sure to provide a copy of the report and make an appeal to the insurance company.

How Much Claims Will You Get?

The amount of hail damage insurance claim depends on the damages to your roof. Once the adjuster has established the estimates of the damage, you will receive a partial check payment.

The first check is called the Actual Cost of Value or ACV and is the cost of repairing your damaged property. Once the work is done, a second check will be issued by the company. This check includes the recoverable depreciation amount when actual expenses are more than the ACV.

It is essential to process claims within the stated period. Suppose you are among those frequently hit by a hailstorm in Colorado. In that case, you should know the different deadlines set by the insurance companies. These deadlines vary, but you should never wait more than a year to file your claims.

hail damage insurance 1Takeaway

Hailstorms are never a good thing to happen to your home. But when it happens, it is best to be prepared. A hail damage insurance claim can significantly assist you in recovering from property damage and loss.

By following the steps in processing the claims mentioned above, you can free yourself from the burden of costly repairs.

Remember always to get a trusted insurance provider and get a good package for your insurance policy.


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