Aurora And Denver, Are You Ready To Replace Your Shingles?

By July 12, 2018 June 5th, 2021 Roof Repairs

Is it time to replace your shingles?

New shingles are a great investment for your home. From the right type of shingle, to the perfect color, it’s easy to get lost in all of your options! All Starr Roofing is here to walk you through these decisions by giving you two main questions to be thinking about so that you can choose the roof you love!dreamstime s 119997886

1. What type of shingle is best for your home?

All Starr Roofing uses Owens Corning shingles, and they have many shingle options for you. Click here for a full list of shingle types and the benefits of each type. Keep in mind the weather elements of Aurora and Denver Colorado. You’ll want your roof to be able to hold up for many snowy winters, high winds, and storms.

2. What color and style of shingle is best for your home?

For some, this decision has proven to be the most difficult part of the process. Try thinking through these points to come to help you decide:

  • What works with your home type? The same shingles that would pair nicely with a farmhouse, may not work as well for a villa, or modern home. Curb appeal is important, especially if there’s the possibility that you’ll be putting your house on the market in the future.
  • If you don’t know where to start for inspiration, go outside and look around. In the residential area of Denver, do you see a roof you like? Take notes on what you like and what you don’t like.
  • Is your neighborhood part of a homeowner’s association? You may need to check with them to see what shingle colors are allowed.
  • Check out this tool that Owens Coming has developed to let you see your home with different shingles on it.

Here at All Starr Roofing, we would love to offer you our expertise in making these decisions. Give us a call or contact us. We are focused on residential Denver roofing and would love to talk with you about your roofing needs!

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