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Aurora Colorado Hail – Roofing Estimates and Repairs

By June 19, 2018December 5th, 2021Blogs

Aurora Colorado Hail: Get Your Roof Inspected!

Aurora Colorado Hail Roof Contractor

The Aurora, Colorado Hail hit on June 19, 2018

Aurora Colorado Hail: June 18, 2018 was a big day. Hail hit hard in Aurora Colorado. Many homeowners need to have roof inspections. The damage might not be as easy to spot as you would hope. Some people might think the hail wasn’t that bad. Until the leaks or loose shingles start to appear. Our advice: don’t wait!

After the Aurora Colorado Hail, Get Your Roof Inspected

After the hail, it’s important to assess the damage and get things repaired. All Starr Roofing is your local roofing resource. Contact us for help with a roof inspection and completing the paperwork. Details are needed for an insurance claim if there is damage.

Hail can be devastating to a roof. While a roof is very resilient, exposure to sunlight/UV and changing weather take a toll.

How Do You Know You Need a Roof Inspection?

  1. If you experienced the Aurora Colorado hail in your area. Yes. You should have a roof inspection.
  2. If it’s been more than a year since your last roof inspection.
  3. If you’ve found any shingles in your gutters. Or on the lawn.
  4. If you see lifting or pitting in your shingles.
  5. If your gutters or any part of the fascia appear damaged. Or, if there is separation between the gutter and roof.
  6. If your shingles appear to be losing their color or are “thin” in spots.
  7. If you find a large amount of debris in the gutter downspout/runoff.
  8. If you have any doubts that your roof is OK.

Roof inspections should be done once a year. A hail storm is a great reminder to have your roof inspected. Branches and hail can take a toll on your roof. All Starr Roofing is your local roofer providing roof inspections. If you need to file insurance paperwork for your roof, our expert team is here to help!

Replacing a roof can be expensive. It’s important the roof repair be done by a licensed roofing contractor. The All Starr Roofing team are your trusted experts. Call on us for roof inspections, roof repairs and roof insurance claims.

We are including this video for reference. Watch the hail hitting the trampoline. It’s pretty impressive! Imagine what it might have done to your roof!

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