3 Major Damage If You Refuse To Replace Roof Shingles

By December 2, 2020 December 10th, 2020 Blog

Do not wait to replace roof shingles on its deadline

replace roof shinglesRoof Shingles is more than just an investment for your house, it is an investment for your home.  It serves as protection not just for your properties but your top priority – your family. So instead of focusing on the money, you’ll be spending to replace roof shingles, think about why you should replace roof shingles – think about the people you’ll be securing.

On our venture to the new normal, being on guard is a must. Admit it or not, the pandemic reminded everyone that houses serve as the focal security and refuge for every family. That being said, your house should be at its finest in order to protect you from any type of virus or natural calamities – from your roof down to the foundations of the house. Therefore, delaying your roof repair and replacement is a risky option.

Your roof plays a vital role in helping to protect your home. It is very important to get things done immediately to help prevent other issues or severe damages to your homes, such as Persistent Leaks, Water Damage, and Molds. If you think your roof is not okay, have it checked by a professional roofer. Do not ever replace roof shingles on its deadline. This is a serious business, so be watchful before they ruin your home and safety.

3 Major home damages you get if you refuse to replace roof shingles

1. Persistent roof leaks

Among all the different household problems that can be procrastinated, the highest priority on your list of home maintenance issues should be roof leak repair. Most of the homeowners thought a leaky roof is only a structural problem, but it can actually pose much more safety and even health risks. If you refuse to replace roof shingles, constant water intrusion will eventually work down from the attic area to the very foundation of the house, causing plenty of costly damage on the way. Here are some of the less-obvious ways a roof leak can affect and damage your home.

  • Higher utility bills and wasted energy
  • Fire hazard from water damage
  • Attic and ceiling damage
  • Compromised structural integrity

2. Water damage

Whether seen or not, water damage is a problem that most property owners dread. When it rains heavily or snow melts quickly, the risk of this type of damage increases. Water can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage by damaging wood furniture, upholstery, electronics, household appliances, and plumbing equipment. Water damage also increases the risk of mold growth, which is a very expensive problem to remediate.

3. Mold

Exposure to damp and moldy environments can lead to serious health issues, especially for those with high sensitivity, including nasal congestion, rhinitis, inflammations, and asthma, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Mold spores continue to be produced once it’s present and will lead to allergic reactions, asthmatic symptoms, and more serious health problems. Severe reactions may also include fever and shortness of breath. Note that this is very crucial knowing that we are facing a pandemic these days.

These happen when people tend to procrastinate in settling their roof issues and took it as a minor problem.  So instead of dallying this concern, it’s safe to say that it’s high time you replace roof shingles so it can prevent a lot of damages in your house as well as health issues within your family.

We replace roof shingles with a proper installation- that’s what our company can guarantee you. There’s no need to worry about the hassle of deciding what shingles you need to get for your roof. All Starr Roofing got your back – guiding you on the things you need to consider in choosing the right shingles, may it be on weight, price, durability, aesthetics, and of course architecture. According to Preferred Roofing Supply

Here’s your cheat-sheet before tackling your roofing plans

  • Weight – roofs can either be very heavy or low-weight depending upon the type of material you choose. Some materials such as slate and tile are very durable, and they also tend to be very heavy. If your home is not up to the task of holding that heavyweight roof for so long you might consider other types of shingles. Even though they are a lighter material, composition and asphalt can be very good options as well.
  • PRICE – Don’t ever make the same mistake other people do when undertaking a roofing project – that is deciding the type of shingles they will use based solely on the price. The cost of the singles is of course a piece of valuable information, especially when you’re on a budget, but you should be aware first of the value that the shingle provides. In terms of weight, durability, aesthetics, and other factors, does that material bring a good value for the price that you will pay? This is imperative enough in choosing the right shingles for your house. If you want the best, of course, you should pay the price. If not you might pay a higher price because of how often you replace roof shingles due to low quality paid at a low price.
  • DURABILITY – When selecting roofing shingles, pay attention to how durable the material is. Different materials will have different life expectancies. This is one of the most essential elements to think about because it will determine how often you repair or replace roof shingles. If you really consider this now and choose your roof shingles wisely, you might save a lot of money in the long run.
  • AESTHETIC – You’ll definitely live under your roof for a very long time so even though the color and style of the shingles aren’t the most important things to take into account when choosing shingle material for your roof, they are still considerations. People of course have different preferences regarding this. Some are actually very meticulous when it comes to aesthetics, so we cannot just disregard this factor. Thankfully, there are a lot of options for you to choose from- starting from colors, styles, and textures. All Starr Roofing uses Owens Corning shingles, and they have many options for you. Just click here for a full list of shingle types and the benefits of each type.
  • COLOR – The color and type of materials will set the tone for the rest of your property and might be one of the most noticeable or defining aspects of your home.
  • ARCHITECTURE– There are different types of roof: Gable Roof, Hip Roof, Dutch Roof, Mansard Roof, Flat roof, Shed Roof, Butterfly Roof, Gambrel Roof, Dormer Roof, M Shaped Roof

Among all these roofs, what does your roof look like? Every roof has its own unique shape and architecture that you need to consider. The architecture of your roof doesn’t just refer to the shape but also the architectural style of the home as well. Whether it may be Modern Farmhouse, Country,

Mediterranean, European, Craftsman, Ranch, Acadian, Beach, Northwest, or Southern there is a specific type of Shingle that will match the architectural design of your house.

It is important to know what you’re looking for in terms of material when taking on a roofing project. We understand that doing this on your own is not as easy as you think it is, that’s why All Starr Roofing is here to walk you through the process. You can take these suggestions into account to help you make the best possible choice in the type of shingles you use for your roofing project. We would love to offer you our expertise and services.

If you wish to give us a call feel free to contact us and we’ll accommodate you wholeheartedly. We are focused on residential Denver roofing. We’d love to talk with you about your roofing needs and how we could achieve your desired output for your roofing project.


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